Here's our story

Nitex began with a vision of creating the largest design lab in the world that would produce thousands of unique designs each year to protect the environment and empower the people around us with sustainable fashion. It is a brand for the people and the planet.

Creative designers

We are a team of passionate people who believe in innovating the most stylish apparel that looks exquisite while keeping our impact on the environment in mind.

We take it upon ourselves to ensure every product we craft at Nitex is organic, affordable, and the best for the bands. We move forward in the fashion world with our creative team, who has an eye for quality and excellent style.

Our values and client-centric approach make us different from everyone else in the industry. Our company’s commitment to sustainability, transparency and traceability enables us to achieve new milestones.

Innovation and ideas fuel our passion to work harder and create extraordinary designs and materials. We invest a lot of time and resources in making the best product to meet the needs of the brands and ensure their experience with Nitex is smooth, easy, and fruitful.


301 Congress Ave, Suite 2200,
Austin, TX 78748


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301 Congress Ave, Suite 2200,
Austin, TX 78748

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