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We provide brands with a flexible supply chain to make responsible fashion choices more affordable and accessible.

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We strive to bring all ideas and designs to life within the shortest possible time for our customers. Our team is dedicated to making everything from sourcing to production run smoothly to deliver in 14 days. Making Nitex 4x times faster compared to the industry.

No minimums

We value our customers’ wishes above all hence, coming up with the minimum order quantity option was our way of showing gratitude. With this option, you can now order quantities as low as 300 pieces even though high quantity orders reduce waste by up to 25% and require less effort.


We believe in transparent trade, which is why we make traceability a priority at Nitex. We make sure our customers are aware of where and when all the stages take place, to manufacture the end product.

Collared Jacket

Materials: Organic cotton

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Certified sustainable processes

We believe in complete transparency and traceability so that you know what goes on behind the scenes from designing to manufacturing.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certificate is the reliable assurance that your textile is organic. It ensures the harvesting of the raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturers, including packaging and labeling.

Organic Content Standard Certification - OCS pertains to any non-food item that contains 5% to 100% organic material. It traces the raw material from its source to the final product and confirms the quantity of organic material in a final product

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design- LEEDS certificate ensures environmentally responsible buildings, sites, and constructions are used for the production of materials. Buildings that adhere to LEED standards are less expensive to maintain and produce less waste

OekoTex certification is a method of independent certification for brands, merchants, and producers in the leather and textile industries. The certification is considered by production facilities at all processing steps to externally communicate their environmental actions credibly and transparently

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